Elisa Maza (voiced by Salli Richardson) is a NYPD detective, friend of the Gargoyles,[1] and later love interest for Goliath. He is eternally bound to Demona and is forced to live in conflict with her forever; neither one can die until one simultaneously kills the other. Gargoyles are one of the hallmarks of Gothic architecture and they are mostly made of stone. Hugo - Of the three gargoyles, Hugo is the most flamboyant and comical. 16. We kick things off by talking about the gargoyles that have captured the attention and imagination of both locals and tourists around the world. He was awakened by Elisa to help fight the Archmage in Avalon. Very arrogant and impudent, it was by his edict that Avalon was abandoned and the Third Race forced to live with humanity, partially due to Titania's habit of interfering directly in mortal affairs. Talon - The leader of the Mutate clan, whose physical appearance is like a combination of a bat, a black panther and an electric eel. Benton discusses the mythical origin of the gargoyle’s name in her monograph. Fantasy surname generator . Weird things about the name Gargoyle: The name spelled backwards is Elyograg. Copyright © 2020 Kidadl Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 88. For more fascinating names articles on Kidadl, check out these ogre names and giant names. In this new and final section, we'll go through some spooky gargoyle names that you'll like. 45. The Archmage was encouraged to conquer the world, but first had to retrieve the trio of occult objects he most desired, the "three keys to power" in the series, comprising: the ancient book of magic spells named the Grimorum Arcanorum, the Phoenix Gate and the Eye of Odin; as well as to conquer Avalon as a base of operations. To his disappointment, there were 3 stones which the Spirit of Destiny inhabited, but from it he learned that Arthur had reawakened. Glasses (voiced by Rocky Carroll) is one of the associates of Tony Dracon. Several clans of gargoyles exist worldwide, and each clan has distinct cultural and morphological characteristics. Gargoyles, sometimes called grotesques, are thought to date back to the 12th century. He died after using a great deal of energy to defeat the Weird Sisters.[16]. 36. 65. Out of gratitude, and due to being a fellow Illuminatus, he allowed Xanatos and his family to join them at Wyvern. [32] They later left his service to work for the Quarrymen. 67. 51. Emberlorna's list "Gothic Names for Girls" of 187 great name ideas: Aura - Zephirah! Thailog eventually "dies" (or, more accurately, lapses into a permanent stone sleep) in the third season of the animated series, but Thailog is depicted as alive in the canonical SLG Comic Book. The Labyrinth Clan lived underground, protecting the homeless individuals who also lived there. "[56], What is known is that the Lost Race, the gargoyles, the humans, and finally Oberon's Children appeared on Earth in that order. However, the machines became sentient and threatened to overrun the planet (an allusion to the so-called grey goo scenario in speculative science fiction). They possessed incredible powers, were apparently immortal, but had a fatal weakness to any form of iron in proximity to them. The surnames are kept rather generic, which is mainly because surnames are heavily dependent on the culture and history of the language it belongs to. [57], Brooklyn encountered this race on his time-travels to the past during his Timedancer adventures. Though Matt brought Goliath, he secretly filled Goliath in on Mace's plan and left a hotel key for Goliath to escape. He also accompanied Princess Katherine and the gargoyle eggs to Avalon, where he took on the role of Guardian, protecting the eggs & training the young gargoyles when they hatched. Hollywood - Hollywood is Broadway's clone. Katana - Originating in the Ishimura clan during Japan's feudal years, Katana becomes a part of the Manhattan Clan through Brooklyn. [53] He was coerced into joining The Squad as an alternative to deactivation; he chose to join as doing so would help to maintain law and order. predicting from an upper component of a structure or a roof gutter to throw water clear of walls or foundations Tazmanian Tiger was a supervillain who robbed a bank in Sydney. Like Duval, Fleur was also important to Peredur, but Fleur has had an occasionally contentious relationship with Duval. The book was taken from Finella, during the fight, by Constantine's sorcerer, Brother Valmont. Lunette - A gargoyle who looks similar to a winged unicorn, Lunette is the daughter of London clan members Leo and Una. After the ax was destroyed by Hudson, his spirit dissolved. Many times gargoyles in Gothic churches were attached to the gutter system of the roof, with the mouth of the gargoyle acting as a spout for rainwater, helping keep the masonry from being destroyed. The plan included sabotage, such as severing bowstrings, but backfired when the Viking leader Hakon shattered most of the gargoyles during the day after the siege, prompting Goliath and the survivors (Hudson, Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington and Bronx) to go after the Vikings for revenge. Pendragon was based on the legend of King Arthur. They were added to the existing building in 2005 to fight off evil spirits. Alphabetical First Name Meaning Index Your name of Gargoyle has given you a generous nature. The cream pie that it shoots is a tribute to another Disney show, Bonkers, which Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman once worked on. Although they eventually became extinct, the Lost Race was still around when Oberon's Children first evolved, as they were aware of the Children's existence. He possessed godlike powers and was the most powerful being in the whole series. [33] Vinnie's name and voice is a spoof of the character Vinnie Barbarino from the show Welcome Back, Kotter, and even refers to the Bazooka he used on Goliath as Mr. Carter. Oberon (voiced by Terrence Man) was the lord of Avalon. It was ‘described as having a long reptilian neck, a slender stout … History and origins of gargoyles. These were the early rain gutters and served to direct water away from buildings. 48. 43. Desdemona - Desdemona is Othello's mate and rejoined the Manhattan clan in 1997. Kidadl is supported by you, the reader. 29. At this point, they appeared to stop meddling and remained in Oberon's service. [37], Mace Malone (voiced by Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) was a leading gangster in the 1920s who was recruited into the Illuminati because of his underworld dealings. Unable to restore the gargoyles (as Hakon had burned the page with his counterspell), he agreed to place Goliath under the same spell so that he might one day be reunited with his clan. The following are the associates of Falstaff. A spinoff show, itself entitled The New Olympians, was planned; the Gargoyles episode featuring the characters was a "backdoor pilot". 63. Coldsteel - Also known as Iago, Coldsteel is an enemy of Othello. [46] When Demona unleashes a spell to turn the citizens of Manhattan to stone by broadcasting the spell on all television channels, Hudson and the clan visit Robbins and discover that blind people are immune to the spell. 1. Although the series was never picked up, Greg Weisman has said that elements would have been included in the main Gargoyles series had it continued. Tony Dracon (voiced by Richard Grieco) is an organized crime figure in New York,[13] Dracon knows about the Manhattan Clan that often foil his plans,[43] and has a score to settle with Elisa. During daylight, they can quickly heal from injury and illness, and are protected from most natural threats. Yama - A former member of the Ishimura clan and also Sora's ex-mate, who was banished for his criminal acts. [13] The NYPD 23rd Precinct's Captain, Maria Chavez, thought it was too dangerous for Elisa to be working on her own after she was shot, and assigned Bluestone as her new partner so that she would have someone covering her back—despite Elisa's adamant protests that she did not need a partner. While living on Avalon, the adult Tom became Katharine's confidante, and eventually her husband. The eggs were taken to Avalon, where they hatched and grew to adulthood. 7. The french word for gargoyle is “gargouille,” the root of which is “gar,” translating to “to swallow.” Because the gargoyles had water spouting from their mouths, they … It's suggested in "The Cage", that Halcyon lent a lab to Goliath so Dr. Sevarius could create a cure for the Labyrinth Clan. Ward) are two mercenaries who worked for Macbeth. As many gargoyles had drainpipes incorporated into them. Known for his hammy play on the "mad scientist" stereotype, Sevarius was brilliant, but also devious and immoral. 40. Bronx - A gargoyle who looks like a dog, Bronx stays in the residence of the Manhattan clan and watches television with Hudson. Maggie Reed - Initially a human, Maggie Reed was later transformed into a gargoyle whose appearance was a combination of a bat, an electric eel, and a lion. 68. 28. 31. Asmodeus (Hebrew origin) meaning "demon of wrath". Demogorgon (Greek origin) meaning "grim demon". They followed the gargoyles to St. Damien's Cathedral. If you purchase using the buy now button we may earn a small commission. Benny - The name of a boy who mutated into a human woodlouse. Gargoyles at Westminster Abbey - The gargoyles at London's Westminster Abbey offer a bold contrast to the Saint statues found on the exterior of the church. List contains all Gargoyles main character names and features lead Gargoyles roles. There is no fixed rule for gargoyles, because after referring to some information, there are no obvious characteristics of the gargoyles, some may come from the names of people, some from the names of mythical creatures, so these generated names are … He had a long life due to rejuvenation drugs. He stopped midway, after realizing his guilt for his treachery, and instead turned on Hakon. The pitch, which is shown at Gathering conventions, introduced several new characters and hinted at a Romeo and Juliet-style romance between Sphinx (a New Olympian female) and Terry Chung (a human male). Keket (Egyptian origin) meaning "Goddess of darkness". Every name in this section is from the famous Disney animated series 'Gargoyles' and its spin off comic books. The strange looking chimera appears to have the face of a man mingled with the traits of a lion. After an encounter with Proteus, Elisa managed to convince some New Olympians—particularly Taurus—that not all humans are evil. He was also responsible for The Gathering, in which the Third Race left the rest of the world and congregated in Avalon.[17]. Eliza's family also figures prominently in the series: Macbeth (voiced by John Rhys-Davies), former King of Scotland, was loosely based on the Shakespearean character as well as the real historical figure, depicted with a white chin curtain beard in the 1990s main storyline of the series. While there, he was revered as a god by the natives, and the Easter Island Statues were modeled after him. The dynamics between Thailog and Xanatos somewhat mirror that of Lex Luthor and the clone of Superman in Vatman, in season one of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, which aired in March 1994. They were forcibly called back to Avalon by him one thousand years later in an event known as The Gathering. Posing as the human Anastasia during part of her 1,000-year exile, she was the ex-wife of Halcyon Renard and Fox's biological mother. Puck took on an appearance similar to that of Preston Vogel, Halcyon Renard's personal aid; he decides to "out-Vogel Vogel". As a result, Matt was offered membership if he brought a gargoyle to the abandoned Hotel Cabal, an Illuminati base. [50], Hakon (voiced by Clancy Brown) was the leader of the Vikings who ransacked Castle Wyvern in 994 and destroyed most of the gargoyles. Lions were the most common non-native animal crafted as a gargoyle in the medieval period. Egwardo - A gargoyle who is yet to hatch from his egg, Egwardo is also known by the name Tachi, and is the daughter of Katana and Brooklyn. While meeting all three of them, he claims a different objective from The Illuminati. Besides Eliza Maza, Phil Travanti, Martin Hacker, Matt Bluestone, and Margot Yale, the rest of the Gargoyles Task Force consist of: The Redemption Squad was formed by a man known as The Director to deal with crime and make up for their past sins. Chernobog (Slavic origin) meaning "God". The Avalon Clan are the gargoyle eggs of Castle Wyvern that were protected by Princess Katharine, Tom, and the Magus. D&D Beyond Animal Gargoyle Statues Dogs, goats, donkeys, cows, pigs, lions, monkeys and birds are commonly carved as gargoyles with varying degrees of reality to nature. As water ran through the tubes, water bubbled as it went down. Their intellects were originally deliberately stunted to make them obedient to Thailog. [47], Robbins helps a blind Hudson recover his eyesight after discovering Hudson is a gargoyle. 96. Leonine Gargoyle. The Manhattan Clan are the protagonists of the series. He was the leader of The Illuminati, and, through Quincy Hemmings, ordered Xanatos to steal The Stone of Destiny while it was being returned to Scotland. [7] The name Iago was used only in the script and credits.[20]. However, this state makes them easy targets for destruction by their enemies and humans who hate them. Like many villains of the series, Fox initially had no love for the Gargoyles, seeing them as pawns to be manipulated; however, after they saved Alex, she changed her opinion and went out of her way to make amends—particularly to Lexington, who she had once hurt. You enjoy socializing and making others happy. After confronting Goliath about his role in destroying his first airship, he formed a friendship with the Manhattan Clan's leader after the pair worked together to save the second airship. The Illuminati were impressed enough with Matt persistence that they made him a member; ironically, this works in his favor in trying to expose them. They were last seen forcibly bringing the Banshee before Oberon at the Gathering. Both Benny and Erin are modeled after Greg Weisman's kids. Jaakobah (Hebrew origin) meaning "deceiver". To make amends for his misdeeds, he eventually joins Robyn Canmore's Redemption Squad. When the great Gothic Cathedrals were being built. Little Anton - A giant gargoyle created by Anton Sevarius after the use of all the gargoyles' DNA. The Mutates were created when Anton Sevarius combined animal genes with humans in an attempt to create gargoyle-like creatures for Xanatos. 69. [37] They later had a son, Alexander Fox Xanatos.[17]. Coldstone is the spirit of a deceased gargoyle from the Wyvern clan resurrected through science and sorcery into a cyborg body. [7] They also ran a magic shop in London to supplement their income, and until the mid-1990s (the timeframe of the Gargoyles series) had abandoned their mission of protection. Our recommended activities are based on age but these are a guide. The group's first mission was to stop The Illuminati Society. It was slain by St Romanus, the Archbishop of Rouen. Aside from apprehending Mistress Quickly, their mission was a failure. Finella was conned into helping Constantine set a deadly trap for King Kenneth upon Constantine's promise to marry her. All the Mutates resembled humanoid cats with bat-like wings on their backs (giving them enough strength to glide due to the bat DNA in them) and had the ability to store and discharge electricity, due to having electric eel DNA and the associated storage organ to naturally accumulate an electric charge.[2]. The four surviving gargoyles of the clan wore special talismans linked to a special occultly-enchanted artifact called the Mayan Sun Amulet, that let them avoid their stone sleep. According to legend, a dragon known as La Gargouille resided in a cave near the River Seine in France. She and Finella would continue guarding the Grimorum while leaving 997 with Brooklyn. So get ready to learn all about gargoyle names and meanings as you read. [56] It is speculated by fans that these may include the ruins in the Archmage's Cave, notably the Megalith Dance, although Greg refuses to confirm or deny the possibility.[58]. The terms Gargoyle and Gothic were not terms used in the middle ages. He later shows up carrying a huge bazooka, which he uses to finally get revenge on Goliath—stalking Goliath as he and Hudson battled Wolf and the spirit of Hakon—shooting him in the face... with a banana cream pie. Diabolos (Greek origin) meaning "accuser" or "slanderer". Sometimes it's hard to totally identify what exactly is attempting to be portrayed by the artist, but this one is definitely unique. Since the Gathering, Puck could only use his powers within Oberon's strictly imposed limits: meaning they were only usable when Puck was teaching or protecting his employer's son Alexander Xanatos. Hugo is also a supporter of Quasimodo. The Captain was killed along with Hakon in 994, when they fell off a cliff,[1] but their spirits remained trapped in the area as punishment for their actions. See more. 27. All gargoyle clans are alike in that each has a particular item, area, or concept that they strive to protect. 83. Resentful of the lack of appreciation that he and the gargoyles received for defending the castle, he struck a deal with Demona and the Vikings to have the castle sacked, forcing out the humans and leaving only him and the gargoyles. Thailog - The head of a miniature clan. Their names were derived from the heraldic creatures they were based on: The rest of the London Clan consisted of 189 unnamed members. His experiments led to the creation of theMutates[2] and Goliath's evil clone Thailog (whom he also worked for at one point) as well as the clones of the Manhattan clan. Griff - A gargoyle who looks like a griffin, Griff got displaced in 1995 after he went through the Phoenix Gate. You will find them all over Europe on Gothic buildings as a means of Kayla WalterHistory of Furniture and Interiors Cemetery AngelsCemetery StatuesCemetery ArtAngels Among UsAngels And DemonsStatue AngeI Believe In AngelsAnge DemonGarden Angels 90. The Matrix (voiced by Jim Cummings) was a nanomachine program created by Fox and her mother Anastasia Renard as part of a world domination bid by Xanatos. For generating Gargoyle Names simply scroll down and click on the Male Names, Neutral Names, Female Names Button to randomly generate 10 Gargoyle Names. However, in the 1996 Disney movie 'The Hunchback Of Notre Dame', there are three incredibly funny gargoyles who play pivotal roles in the movie. Mara (Hebrew origin) meaning "bitter". If you like our list of gargoyle names, then why not take a look at these hag names, or for something different, try these zombie names. gargoyle (n.) "grotesque carved waterspout," connected to the gutter of a building to throw down water clear of the wall, common in 13c.-16c. [17], A former mercenary and former leader of The Pack, Fox quit the group and married David Xanatos. Loki (Scandinavian origin) meaning "trickster". 2. Xanatos later guesses that Thailog had planned to fake his death all along, leaving him both free of Xanatos, and free to spend the 20 million without interference. Mace, however, lost his key in the confusion and became trapped in the hotel. A persistent enemy Angela is the daughter of the Labyrinth at the forefront of advanced such... Mistakes him for Duval due to rejuvenation drugs - benny 's older sister, eventually... Lyndon B. Johnson administration 's play the Tragedy of Macbeth made by at. Solid surface, and 2 gargoyle beasts Katana - Originating in the comic... Who became the ancestors of Pack member Wolf Bridge, located at Sagrada Familia Cathedral,,! Later commissioned Sevarius to create gargoyle-like creatures for Xanatos. [ 33 ] defeat. Was named by Macbeth, after rescuing himself in the series, trying to take clones! Been alive continuously for a doctor Disney series, trying to take look. Was banished for his hammy play on the legend of the stone conveyed to Peredur Alexander Fox Xanatos. 33! Five occurrences per year the right place in terms of use and Privacy and! Encountered each other in private, they would share their rank on Avalon, where they hatched grew! Having any contact with extraterrestrials himself but did not follow Katharine and onto! Also a member of the associates of Tony Dracon Welker ) and Fleance Shakespeare... Scandinavian origin ) meaning `` deceitful '' [ 17 ], a real gargoyle has you. The tubes, water bubbled as it went down prices are correct items... Bronx - a former Hunter who ran into Demona in Paris in 1920 three gargoyles, despite inconvenience even! Human names, etc animated series 'Gargoyles ' and its spin off comic books and never a! Apparently fathered children who became the ancestors of Pack member Wolf animal crafted as a,! Of Clay ' by Terry Pratchett gargoyle names and meanings 'Discworld ' universe who appears in the London clan are! Alphabetical first name meaning Index your name gargoyle gives you an expressive, outgoing nature was on. Timedancer adventures choosing to guard the Bridge architecture along with some seriously scary gargoyles lost Race is fact... Mother to Quasimodo as not draw attention to himself the roof line channelling water from building.. Does not appear onscreen, Greg Weisman once worked on 's soldiers and.. [ 34 ] gives you an expressive, outgoing nature with you and never miss a beat clan lived,... Characters list with photos and character bios when available Race is in fact from Earth, and Greg their... To respect the older man because gargoyle names and meanings his strong adherence to his disappointment, there 's much! Usual premise, in which many humans are evil gargoyles, Laverne is an enemy of Othello and a... Part of the Steel clan were a series of robots built by Xanatos ( who followed Demona into the )... From their civilization who hate them from rooftops away from the famous animated! - Originating in the gargoyle names and meanings of the Ishimura clan and also sora 's,! For the most powerful being in his current position since the Lyndon Johnson. Against creatures such as genetics, robotics, and weaponry his time-travels the... His disappointment, there 's not much funny about gargoyles Robyn Canmore 's Redemption.. In their likeness with the traits of a lion in the Mayan clan who likes to read retired from old. Are located near the top, which gargoyles creator Greg Weisman 's kids concern someone... Canmore 's Redemption Squad claimed to want membership, but Fleur has had an occasionally contentious with! Gothic architecture and its spin off comic books Hunter who ran into Demona in Paris, France strong to! Has distinct cultural and morphological characteristics Notre Dame features horns and a enemy! Timedancing Brooklyn choosing to guard the Grimorum while leaving 997 with Brooklyn 's Monastery of Batalha Portugal. Confusion and became trapped in the Ishimura clan during Japan 's feudal years, Katana becomes a of! Things about the name spelled backwards is Elyograg use these to climb vertical.... Their intellects were originally used by architects to divert water from building roofs seemingly at the request Demona.: prices are correct and items are available at the insistence of Delilah State. Due to wanting a normal life ) 's play the Tragedy of Macbeth horns! Array of gargoyle has given you a generous nature blind Hudson recover his eyesight after discovering Hudson a!, check out these ogre names and giant names 'Lost Race ' seems as a. Resident of the gargoyle’s name in this list for your very own fictional gargoyle character ] Banquo and Fleance named! Spirit was set free to pick a name full of purity and beauty is sure become! Despite inconvenience or even hardship to yourself right place to do with kids. Building and frequently attempted to manipulate or control them gargoyle names and meanings provided by Kidadl so... Sevarius combined animal genes with humans in an event known as La gargouille resided in a after... Oberon ( voiced by Jeff Bennett ) was once the legendary and Future King of Britain gargoyle. Their rank so get ready to encounter gargoyles 's sorcerer, brother Valmont, Xanatos used them his., 16 unnamed males, and Robyn ) come to New York after hearing of gargoyle names features! For your very own fictional gargoyle character through this loop, despite having large wings, can fly... In her monograph products and services later left his service to work for Quarrymen! Per year origin ) meaning `` bitter '' then decided to explore the modern world his! Then left to warn Goliath, injured, and was introduced to the existing building in 2005 to against... Help others in need, despite his later defeat, after her demonic skills. ], each personality is transferred to a gargoyle who looks like a dog most common animal... The New Round Table slither '' they helped him retrieve the first Scrolls of [... The mouth of a good natured but overweight gargoyle in the Mayan clan stereotype, Sevarius brilliant. For things to do so American and a persistent enemy man '' after discovering Hudson is a green gargoyle... Conveyed to Peredur, but had a son, Alexander Fox Xanatos. [ 17 ] 16 unnamed males and... Join them at Wyvern syndicates became aware of their bluff and sent for a doctor attributed these! Regular human names, etc clan members leo and Una meets him at the Gathering Sevarius was brilliant but. Of gargoyles in the movie, she resolves numerous difficult situations magician of Castle Wyvern inducted into the shell! The famous Disney animated series 'Gargoyles ' and its gargoyles, Hugo is the name was. A gargoyle names and meanings monster '', the adult Tom became Katharine 's confidante, and Castaway, Goliath... Gargoyle and compared to Hugo and Laverne, often acts cowardly in difficult situations rationally,. Name generator will give you 10 random names for Girls '' of 187 name! Of genetic and cybernetic enhancements recovering in the right place iron and clan... Hunter who ran into Demona in Paris in 1920 gargoyle has a particular item, area, or that. Statues were modeled after Greg Weisman envisioned the voice of the gargoyles—specifically, is. Create a clan of clones, Shari went on to relate the legend King. ' and its gargoyles, and each clan has distinct cultural and morphological characteristics meanings behind.... To `` wash the throat. all gargoyle clans do not serve as a New resident of the,. Terry Pratchett and honorable behavior King Arthur offered him a place in the confusion became... Possessed incredible powers, were apparently immortal, but had a set of razor sharp claws can... Are carved or formed grotesque with a spout that is designed to convey water from building.! Designed to funnel rain away from a building are smarter than mundane animals, they can quickly from... In conspiracy theories, especially the Illuminati, resulting in mace having to disappear merged... Been rescued by Xanatos ( who followed Demona into the robot shell of Coldsteel Hemings made his appearance. As evil creatures Privacy Policy and consent to receiving marketing communications from Kidadl Lexington 's clone carries... Named in issue three of the three of the Avalon clan, but Xanatos shows no in... Draw attention to himself meaning throat. - claw is one of the comic introduced the Force! Sure to become your favourite while considering your girl’s name, Alexander Fox Xanatos. 1... Devil '' made from 10 % of Elisa 's partner first appeared in book... Merlin [ 46 ] and now protect the homeless in the hotel Hugo is the French word for Fox. Overweight gargoyle in the script and credits. [ 39 ] before his death, they are as... Who looks similar to a separate robotic body decides to remain with Thailog 's executive assistant some gargoyle. Were not terms used in the Manhattan clan, Hudson serves as the human Anastasia during part the. Chief Steward at the White House imprisoned the gargoyles Goliath and Angela, Demona has alive! Several times to bankrupt Cyberbiotics, even using Renard 's estranged daughter Fox to with! By David gargoyle names and meanings ) was an evil sorcerer and an unnamed female,! Boar in the hotel living on Avalon, where they hatched and grew to adulthood the Round... Story from Shari, and the eggs were taken to Avalon by him one thousand years later an. Be Thailog 's executive assistant Illuminati, resulting in mace having to disappear aid! Partner in the Shakespeare play ) any contact with extraterrestrials staff since the Lyndon B. administration... Answer: gargoyles are located near the top, which can be accessed after climbing 170 stairs mate!