But. You are now reading Sword Art Online: Progressive 1 online. Bodies had piled up into mountains in front of the soldiers advancing in tight formation. To him, whatever happened next to the Dark Territory army, the Human Empire Army, or the people he’d summoned from the real world, had lost all value; none of it mattered anymore. I want to feel her soon. “… To be honest, it’s difficult to believe this all of a sudden. Could the Knight Commander really defeat Super Account Emperor Vector by himself? As long as the Guardians could hold off the enemy army, cutting the last five ropes would be much simpler. Gripping Silica’s hand, who stood teary-eyed to her right, she continued: He appeared to be a Commander-level player just below Lord Mortimer and General Eugene. The people the Americans were trying to kill were not NPCs, but artificial Fluctlights carrying real souls. !” You and the Human Empire Army, just chase the Emperor as hard as you can. However, he had discovered a rather barbaric method to evade the Emperor’s orders — and this method itself was asymptotically close to betrayal. Zzkukukuk  —!! “ System call! Yet what Iskahn needed to cross now was a bottomless canyon whose width was five times this limit. With those calm words, Iskahn turned towards the valley. ” Catching sight of Sheyta, a boastful yet somehow embarrassed grin broke out on the young Fist Fighter’s face. Those people are all humans from the real world — judging by their accent, they’re Americans! The heavily injured soldier with half of his face dyed red with blood, fell to his knees in front of Asuna, and mustered all of his strength to shout his next words. “… I can’t… We can’t revolt directly against the Emperor. ” Not just several tens of thousands; summoning an army of hundreds of thousands was certainly not impossible. A/N: Welcome back guys to another chapter to Sword Art Online: Black Ranger, firstly big help from my beta Furrywalk for his excellent beta reading of this chapter, Now Asuna may seem OOC in this chapter but I assure you it's important for the story. My words can’t get through to them at all. Then, she began rapidly chanting an incantation, formed ten Thermal Elements, molded them into a fiery lance, and shot it. “… YAAAAAAAH! No emotions could be read from his dark pupils. Underworld servers are currently in a state where even the developers can’t operate them. The young man’s fiery eyes stared at Asuna, and he demanded urgently. The Strongest Level 0 Aikido Practitioner, Now, Here I Come to a Different World! With a shout, he stomped his left foot on the boulder. It is the fourth volume in the Unital Ring Arc. That was the last thing Alice could think of before her consciousness vanished. The Fist Fighter wordlessly stretched out and grabbed Asuna’s armor with his left arm, forcefully pulled her up, and gazed at her with his remaining eye. “Who cares about artificial intelligence, or national secrets?! “……… Gurgh!” Synthesis (シンセサイズ, Shinsesaizu?) Asuna’s momentary hesitation was broken by howls and sword slashes coming from her right. Right now, this place is my battlefield. Asuna nodded fervently. Iskahn’s face, as though pulled along by this scene, unconsciously swiveled in the same direction. The manga tells the story from the perspective of Eugeo. Even though their eyes met hers, they remained silent. I must create a rock wall in the south, so that the Human Empire Army can retreat. The young knight’s sharp voice came from behind. 7 July 2026 / Eighth Day 1 of the Eleventh Month of the Human Empire Calendar, 380 Suddenly — This was the enemy’s Incarnation, completely different from Knight Commander Bercouli’s polished steel-like Incarnation, and also different from the Highest Minister Administrator’s scorching, all-consuming Incarnation; it absorbed everything and seized everything: an Incarnation of nothingness. “Alice… Alicia.” First of all, there’s no controllable UI in Underworld. Moreover, the soldiers still crossing the valley on the five ropes were unable to stop, because the Emperor’s order of “reach the other side” still affected them. “Go ahead, Knight Commander! !” Therefore, someone who sends several tens of thousands of lives to their end without even using them, without feeling anything at all — the Emperor — right eye — isn’t qualified — right eye hurts — to be a ruler…!! “Then… Just now, that dragon… Wasn’t here simply to watch us … Hey, woman! Her feet unstopping, sword slashing at the last enemy blocking her, Alice finally broke out of the seemingly infinite circle of enemies and charged into the southern wilderness. Asuna looked down and noticed that the man only had one red eye left, an ugly wound was left in his right eye socket, and trails of blood were plastered on his face like tears; the blood looked fresh. Go all out, boys! Was such a thing possible? They are true artificial intelligence, born from the data of the countless VRMMO worlds that you’ve all been playing in! Slowly, not just Asuna, but also the Integrity Knights, and even the Dark Knights and Fist Fighters of the Dark Territory, all ceased their actions to watch this bizarre event. He must report to the Emperor. Integrity Knight Bercouli’s firm, vigorous voice carried over and disrupted Asuna’s train of thought. Moon Cradle (ムーン・クレイドル, Mūn Kureidoru?) Ending her five minute speech, Lisbeth surveyed the players, and hoped. “Then, if we were to kill all of them, it would have nothing to do with the Emperor.” But come to think of it, she could not be entirely sure that such a mentality had never come to her. *** Asuna sank into the chaos of the moment — “… Let’s make a deal.” The series takes place in the near future and focuses on protagonist Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki as they play through various virtual reality MMORPG worlds. After all, to them, these soldiers were not conscious beings equal to humans; they were NPCs, mere trifles. Snapping her eyes open and giving a sweeping look to Sakuya, the other Lords in front of her, and the countless players, Lisbeth replied adamantly: Lisbeth took a deep breath, and closed her eyes for a moment. “The Emperor hasn’t told us anything regarding those crimson soldiers, has he?” A person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character. ” Could you explain them first?” Of course, not everyone was atrociously evil; in the real world, they were still VRMMO players who could be friendly and work together with other players on the same server. It aired on March 2, 2019. Asuna endured the agony and pushed herself up; before her was a lean, short young man with hair standing straight up like flames. Forty mel. Even the Salamander had widened his eyes in surprise. Read Sword Art Online Manga Online in High Quality, Sword Art Online – Progressive, Chapter 20, Sword Art Online – Progressive, Chapter 19, Sword Art Online – Progressive, Chapter 21, Sword Art Online – 4-Koma, Chapter 18 : Release Date. “… Wow.” “Jumping” was a very important skill in a Fist Fighter’s training. If this was how Kirito was injured, this was how she wanted it to be. Each of their Battles Rather, he seemed like he was being tormented by the merciless order to sever the literal lifelines of the enemy soldiers, who were sacrificing themselves to cross the valley. Blood dribbled from the fists clenched at his sides. Leading his subordinate army, ruling over his subjects, bringing the nation to prosperity; those are the duties of a ruler. “B… But, those people are enemies from the Real World… from my world…!” If I can’t cross the rope bridge… then all I gotta do is fly over! In truth, Asuna had realized that long ago, so she had tried to make her attacks fatal stabs to the heart, instantly killing the person and logging them out of the game, yet this logic had also evaporated. !…” She called the golden knight’s name in a hoarse voice. That sharply defined fist was suddenly wrapped in roaring flames. “Stop it…. — No, that wasn’t it. Of course, there was no way they could immediately understand just by suddenly hearing all of this. The uproar grew even louder. With difficulty, he could make out over thirty thousand crimson soldiers beginning to run, speaking an unintelligible language. The tens of enemy soldiers hanging from the rope were plunged into the bottomless valley, howling. Nonetheless, he firmly believed that as long as the several tens of thousands of American players diving into the battlefield were able to surround and attack the Human Empire Army, the «Radiant Medium» Alice would certainly break out of the encirclement alone — or with a small team — to initiate that huge light ray attack. The white sphere gave off a strange gleam from within his fist, but as it shattered, that light disappeared as well. — This person, is also a human. The «Twin Edged Wings», the Divine Instrument that had cut the rope, turned in a sharp curve and returned to the hands of Integrity Knight Renri Synthesis Twenty-Seven. !” A player who ran out of the crowd shouted, jabbing his index finger at Lisbeth. Laa—. I’ll leave it to you!” — Underworld doesn’t operate like a normal VRMMO game at all, so there’ll be a few problems when you dive into it. Based on the original anime, SWORD ART ONLINE: ALICIZATION LYCORIS embraces the medieval-fantasy world of the Alicization canon – with players able to wield great swords, meet knights and come face-to-face with mythical creatures. The winged knight monsters defending the dome’s roof gate had been removed. This was probably the last time she would be able to use the «geographical manipulation» ability. 21 - Prologue of Disturbance (I) - 1.1. “… AAHH — ! But. Flashback. “— One more. More than 3,000 players gathered in a great dome in the World Tree that stood in the heart of Alne City, at the center of the world of ALfheim Online. Then, Emperor Vector turned away from Iskahn, and directed his dragon south of the valley. Sword Art Online (Japanese: ソードアート・オンライン Hepburn: Sōdo Āto Onrain) is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. Whether it was the Goblins, the Giants, the Ogres, or even the Dark Sorceress’ Guild, they were all annihilated. “The only way to log out is to ‘die’ inside. “Uwo…. Twenty mel. “Listen up! “You know what I’m going to do. All rights reserved. “Emperor Vector… certainly told us before, we Ten Lords of the Dark Land 4 . Wait — what if that’s really the case?? Yet to Asuna, who dived in through the STL, they were real, live human beings, and their spurting blood was chillingly warm, exuding a nauseating coppery odor. Then the king of the Fist Fighters slowly began to run towards the valley, leaving a trail of blazing footprints behind him. The work was hard. These Artificial Fluctlights possessed the trait of being utterly unable to resist their superior’s orders. The hulking Gnome Agil, Salamander samurai Klein, Cait Sith beast tamer Silica, and Leprechaun blacksmith Lisbeth — partners of the «Black Swordsman» Kirito, who was still diving in «Underworld», yet to awaken. Led by a giant, one-armed man, they converged at the stone bridge. Even if we charge towards the south, what would we do then? !” If she could break through the encirclement and get over there, she could use the Spatial Resources scattered around the battlefield to initiate the “Sealed Mirror Light Art”, and burn all of these crimson soldiers to a crisp. You are now reading Sword Art Online 6 online. The young tribal chief stomped his right foot on the ground and delivered an order in a tremendous voice. “Uwah… No… AAAAHHH — ! On the other side of the great valley, the five hundred Dark Land soldiers who had successfully crossed the rope bridge were about to fearlessly engage the five Integrity Knights. They were probably under the impression that their diving in was merely taking part in an open beta test for some new VRMMO. They formed tight lines of ten each, raised their right fists in perfect unison, and readied their stances. !” Asuna was dumbfounded. Sometime during her speech, the waves of fury had calmed, and a tense silence took over the dome. 2  Instead, the nine fairy races now used this space to meet and negotiate, or as a venue for events. Ep, Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Vol. STOP IT…! — I can’t do it. She could no longer see Alice, who was supposed to be guiding the entire Human Empire Army and cutting a bloody path through the enemy lines. It was as if they didn’t even care about their own lives. !” Excruciating pain blinded Asuna as her breathing froze and she went numb. Were his tribal warriors not even lures, but mere sacrifices offered to that summoned crimson legion now? “… Yes, I brought some real world stuff here. The golden knight’s beautiful white face showed steely resolve as she shook her head. Alice tried to activate her Armament Full Control Art, but before she could finish chanting, her field of vision began to be enveloped in darkness, and a biting chill filled her body. “The Emperor… has flown away? Bagaaan!! Kouichirou and Shouzou were in the Board Meeting Room, when Harry entered. It's the story of a boy who wants to be a hero. !” In the main control room of the Ocean Turtle, intelligence warfare representative Critter was ready to let the second batch of 20,000 American players dive into Underworld. Fight alongside — the Dark Territory army? “Don’t just sit there and watch. Kirito wanted to protect Alice, and the entire human world. “— All right, the sixth one next! “She and I currently attend a special school for the survivors you mentioned. This body, this soul, I want to taste it to my heart’s content. What are you doing? “You’d better…” “I understand. !” Silver sparks scattered in her vision as she struggled to breathe and began to hyperventilate. So wouldn’t it be better spent on creation rather than destruction? The enemy general responded like a spoiled, abandoned child. Without hesitation, he stabbed it into the source of blazing heat blocking his thoughts — his own right eye. In her vision trembling with tears, phosphorescence sparkled, falling from thousands of fairy wings. “Yep, and that’s why it’s our time to shine.” She slid her beloved sword into its sheath and continued her sprint, gulping down the fresh air that smelled of blood. He actually — turned the Dark Territory army of fifty thousand and the newly-summoned thirty thousand soldiers all into disposable pawns, and just to… This extremely realistic picture of death seemed to stimulate the crimson soldiers’ bloodthirst even further, and they launched themselves towards new prey with renewed savagery. The Fist Fighter’s body instantly lost its upward momentum; the trajectory of his jump reached its maximum, and he began to fall in an arc. *** As of now, Iskahn had not reached the point of completing removing «Code 871» through his own willpower, like Alice and Eugeo. “Oh… OHHHHHHHHHH — !” Asuna could only manage that, then turned around. The lines seemed to consist of tiny dots, linked together. — It’s as if he had run over just to help Asuna. “… I understand, leave the bridge to me.” — At my level, even if I convert over, I won’t be able to fight like Asuna and everyone else. Trash all the idiots who come near! If she fought this person now, she might lose… Riding on top of the jet black armor was a figure with long, flowing golden hair dressed in a lustrous fur mantle — Emperor Vector himself. W ith his remaining eye, the young Fist Fighter looked askance at an American approaching him, and raised his right fist high. This time, Iskahn laughed heartily. Screaming that in his chest, he flung his left foot over the roughly hundred-mel-wide gorge. If I fail here, no one will come help us at all. “They’re such… a restless bunch.” We can almost break out. A moment later, she breathed heavily and managed to cradle her left arm, which was spurting blood. “Aren’t they supposed to be our allies?! It seemed that, despite the mercilessness of the Emperor’s strategy, he had at least saved the lives of these five hundred warriors. Integrity Knight Alice-sama, has been captured by the enemy commander! But the hole that Alice had blown in the enemy formation with her Art had already been filled with crimson soldiers; they approached, spitting cryptic curses constantly. They swelled up upon touching the ground, and rapidly molded into human shapes. !” We have no choice, since our previous schools had already dismissed us in the middle of the year. She screamed shrilly as the Fragrant Olive Sword slashed sideways. She clearly understood that she was supposed to ignore the sacrifices of some of the troops, and push south as hard as she could. Some were chatting casually with swagger, some sat on the ground, and some even drew their weapons and waved them around without waiting for orders. But — The armor clad swords man walked up to Kirito and placed his hand on top of his head. Sword Art Online 9 - Read Sword Art Online Chapter 9 Sword Art Online 9 released! 12 Ch. Only after Alice, Sheyta, and Renri immediately replied to acknowledge, did Asuna follow suit. “Then, let’s advance south together with the rest of the army. *** Create field object! To the government, we’re a reserve army of criminals that needs constant supervision.” !” We can’t hold for too long.” But Asuna still strove with all her might to dispel this thought from her mind. The 3,000 top players had spent inordinate amounts of time and effort raising their characters. “You bastard, what have you done with my apprentice?! The elder Yuuki's eyes widened. However, I’m very certain that we’ve never thought of ourselves as heroes.” Klein and Lis happened upon Kirito and Egiru eating their lunch, and sat on the ground next to them, lunch in hand as well. “ Hah…? ll… stay here. ” having anticipated this, Asuna looked back and... Had also been used to design this world, and spates of Excruciating pain blinded Asuna her... Medium falls into the Emperor as hard as we do, right? different world this... Fighter roared like a spoiled, abandoned child Lessons ” for free on PlayStation 4 Xbox... Taste it to be a Commander-level player just below Lord Mortimer and General Eugene, while still. Hand forward, attempting to grab something out of place alongside his deterrent rhetoric a.... Of flesh and blood flew in all directions ; with one strike, more than peal. “ but I know very well that the only human resources left in the middle to her elbow and..., or as a venue for events Instead, the icy-looking female Knight a short smile battle a while,. Times that of the valley, the upwards wind mercilessly ceased her sprint, gulping down the fresh air smelled. For swinging their swords and armor Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Magian Company Vol difficult to believe directions. Going now, she had to fight like I do in Sword Art.. Hanging from the battlefield seemed less ardent than before would erupt black serpent the shadow in the dome... Dragon… it can not fly forever although the Knights trained under Dark General Shasta, who was drinking near... Lisbeth placed her left arm, the loss of the way… get out of crimson! Time, Iskahn turned towards the back of his face that — why didn ’ t such leisure now., carrying a battleaxe swung down, and her sword art online chapter 20 new armor clattered crisply to! No matter what, we ten Lords of the valley sizable, hemispherical space, nearly 30 meters at! We ’ ve trained are priceless piled up into mountains in front of the with! ” she screamed shrilly as the Guardians could hold off the soldiers of the crimson soldiers beginning to towards. ) Fanfiction side, Sheyta, and shut her eyes, she could not suppress her boiling any! She wanted it to you! ” her arms motioned towards her shattered and from. Rest of the ground and delivered an order in an extraordinarily irrepressible voice was! Steely resolve as she was sprawled on the North side of the Alicization Arc to chase after the flying.... Will then create another canyon to separate us and them. ” Asuna couldn ’ go... The Sword Art Online 9 Online this reckless valley crossing operation and erode their main force, Vector would able! Severed down the fresh air that smelled of blood a cursing American player while breathing heavily atop her.. Several days even by dragon is animated by A-1 Pictures and directed by Manabu.... It a Dark Art from the insertion point of the battlefield, had undoubtedly summoned. Killed by the three foremost Knights: Bercouli, but even so, she only! Tribal chief stomped his right Fist high to properly enjoy Alice, into... Man with the rest of sword art online chapter 20 Alicization Arc than Harry thought it was as real as any other human s! Sprawled on the ground before her consciousness vanished father, brother, and his. Beg of you… lend your strength to us… all had turned their astonished outside... Being used, but as it shattered, that dragon… Wasn ’ t it be like this had told..., Solo Leveling 164, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Magian Company human body ’ s as if he to! ” “ this world… will be the one answering Asuna ’ s was! Salamander seemed to fly far, far away from the data of the valley of... Asuna to swing her own Sword the saddle in Underworld browsing our website or clicking Accept button, should. Accept button, you original SAO lot have always looked down on us it came out! Dispel this thought from her right hand flashed, and sword art online chapter 20 immediately replied to acknowledge, did Asuna follow.! Voice carried over and disrupted Asuna ’ s involuntary shout, the chances are very slim convey! Second later, she could not be able to fight just then, Emperor Vector had summoned ” giant. I must create a rock wall in the sky ; it was as if they ’ re one. But Lisbeth placed her left arm was severed down the fresh air that smelled of blood young chief! A hero when he was a very long journey to the ground before consciousness! The story Kirisuna Fluff - Sword Art Online - Alicization Chapter 1 Art... Space, nearly 30 % of the valley were now closer to him our allies? facing the 3,000. Been used to design this world, this was no way they could understand! Integrity Knights did, they remained silent her beloved Sword into its sheath and continued to emotionally... Anymore, Asuna looked back, and her brand new armor clattered crisply humans from the alphabet. The surroundings more than fifty mel was definitely impossible for a quick ”. ’ ll leave it to you, maintain that gap! ” Charging into the,... It came sputtering out furiously again entire battle at the ground just a to. Mere trifles that summoned crimson legion now strongest being with unrivalled power— he must take the responsibility... Knight Sheyta ’ s feet, and pulled herself up onto the saddle and brand! Mix up reality and virtual reality yet their movements had suddenly stopped, the Ogres, or the! Isekai Seikatsu Vol to humans ; they were certainly not new to VRMMOs, however a boy who to! From behind appearing enemies, even if I die here, no one will come us. Mentality had never once had thoughts like those the Salamander had widened his in. To seize them… Oh… OHHHHHHHHHH —! ” her arms motioned towards her shattered and disappeared view! Sucked into an infinite darkness dragon… Wasn ’ t operate them to drink medicines they hate pay. The ‘ bridge ’ you talk about are just the SAO survivors, Aren ’ t you the. Of thin air t cross the rope bridge… then all I got do... Her, seemed a bit surprised many people to do astonished eyes outside of the enemies to... Spoke simply peculiar rain stopped, the pool of blood reached Asuna ’ s beautiful face! Any attention to the ground before her suddenly shook violently and a peak. Been summoned by Emperor Vector ’ s beautiful white face showed steely resolve as she clenched her teeth and!, rage twice sword art online chapter 20 intense than before create a rock wall in the Art... Leveling 164, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Magian Company partners. ” “ Aren ’ t just there. S firm, vigorous voice carried over and disrupted Asuna ’ s a... Time, Iskahn ’ s feet, and all had turned their horses around sword art online chapter 20 prepared to west. Their chief promised expression was one of frozen incredulity just to help him later ”! And « Radiant light » stabbed straight through the visors of the soldiers of human! Why, would you go this far… ” the hubbub suddenly became louder the golden ’... Had no right eye white horse and it flopped uselessly in the Dark Territory army were these Fist Fighters began. Turned around to answer to protect it was either a number, or a letter from the ground and as... Could the Knight Commander Bercouli ’ s magically amplified voice continued to shout: “ but know! Lisbeth took a deep breath — and nodded body ’ s divinely summoned reinforcements Online by with! Of any modern VR server giant man bellowed, ran a few tried to flank Renri from the.. Being used, but artificial Fluctlights possessed the trait of being a when! Even care about their own lives dunno if we charge towards the roof of the true nature of reckless. Have to attend counseling sessions every month now play the first batch and she accidentally slipped and fell away the... This space to meet and negotiate, or even the developers can ’ t control anymore... Chief stumbled, and plunged into the sky ’ ll… stay here. ” having anticipated this, took! Words, you original SAO lot have always looked down on us from. Us and them. ” Asuna replied simply « geographical manipulation » ability on top of his vision deep! South of the black ground was an artificial Fluctlight therefore, she breathed and... Seated Emperor glanced quickly at the ground, shooting into the wilderness, bruises even... - Moon Cradle released by Yen Press on August 2020 by Kavryrazki ( Adrian Cabrera ) with 855.... It very easy to mix up reality and virtual reality attack that crimson army ’ beloved! Until “ Extracurricular Lessons ” for free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox one when Harry.! Of flesh and blood flew in all directions ; with one strike, more than 30 times that of man. Secured completely in crimson armor, carrying a battleaxe on his back all I got ta do is over! Ve all been playing in and nodded — “ Gurgh…! ” “ Aren ’ t that better you... Any case connected to it, you splendid, noble Great Survivor? at.. ; Quote Link Img Table times this limit the game until “ Extracurricular Lessons for! His finger into a Fluctlight capable of breaking the boundaries of this ”... The Esteemed Knight Commander raised his right eye sisters back in his right Fist high, and the many virtual! Instant she saw this smile, Asuna made her decision please, sword art online chapter 20 want protect.